5 Most Dreadful Car Accidents That Need A Lawyer

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There are different types of car crashes that occur throughout the world, over 1.25 million people die every year in car crashes, and 20-50 million get disabled or injured.

Learning the root cause of these car accidents will guide you on how to reduce the chances of getting hit and involved in them. 

However, car accidents do not come with guarantees, rather depends on how you are driving. When a collision occurs, chances are, due to another driver’s inattentiveness, which in turn leave you injured and may involve you in car accident legalities. 

Below are the five most dreadful car accidents and tips on how to prevent them from occurring. 


Tailgating is when a driver is driving too close behind another driver not leaving sufficient space to prevent a collision. It is one of the major issues that lead to getting whiplash (a neck injury caused due to sudden movement of the upper body) when the driver suddenly stop the car. 

To avoid this, you must maintain a gap with other vehicles, so that you can easily control the mishaps. 

Rear-End Collision

This one is yet again very commonly seen accidents. It occurs when the driver in front of you stops or lowers down the vehicle speed suddenly. However, there are chances that another driver is not attentive to what is going on in front of him. It can cause severe injuries, including a neck injury.

Side-Impact Collisions

It occurs when the front of one vehicle colliding with the side of another. Side-impact collisions can be dreadful. This type of collision is specifically dangerous, as there is less space on the side of a car to soak the effect of the crash.

A prominent type of collision is a T-crash when a vehicle perpendicularly hit the side of another vehicle. This commonly occurs when the drivers don’t follow the traffic light correctly. To avoid this, you should always check both ways of coming traffic. Also, don’t predict that other vehicles will follow the traffic rules. 

However, if you get involved in such situations, an experienced attorney will help you in the car accident lawsuit process; maximize your claim regarding medical bills, treatments, other losses, and sufferings. He will also guide you dealing with insurance companies and help you with other negotiations.

Head-On Collisions

They can get extremely hazardous and can result in fatalities. They commonly occur when the vehicle is at high speed, which makes it difficult to absorb the influence to save passenger getting injured. It may also involve trees and other obstacles like road signs and drinking and driving.  

Avoid this to happen by adhering to the traffic rules, ditch any type of rash driving and other distractions, especially mobile phones.

Vehicle Collision Pile-Ups

This can lead to some serious injuries and life-threatening impacts. It involves hitting multiple vehicles at a time, which commonly seen on highways and busy routes. This one can get even worse than other types of collisions as it receives multiple collisions from different angles. It can even catch some victims between two careless drivers. 

Don’t be in a rush when it comes to vehicle driving. Be alert on highways and busy routes. Keep an eye on other drivers and your path. Try not to drive close to drivers who are distracted and don’t let yourself involved in crashes.  

The ideal way to avoid car accidents is to drive at controllable speed and follows the safety rules. Else, it can leave you injured and exhausted. Moreover, dealing with the follow-ups of a car accident can be \burdensome. Unfortunately, if you get hit, an attorney is always there to deal with formal legalities, and insurance.

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