Digital Marketing – 5 Components of Successful PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click

Most people assume PPC Advertising requires a horde of money. The thought stems from the costs associated with creating and marketing traditional advertising. Most companies are not shy from spending millions to get their ads noticed on TV and Radio or roadside banners, even going to the length of hiring high-priced celebrities to endorse their products and increase sales. However, online advertising is a different ball game altogether, allowing even the smaller players in the market to enter the field and reap rich benefits.

What is PPC Advertising?

But, like any other industry, knowing what makes for a successful Pay Per Click Marketing is essential. For that, you need to first understand the concept of this form of advertising and marketing. You create an ad and pay a search engine, marketing or advertising sites and even popular blogs to place your ad strategically. Each time a user clicks on your ad to reach your website or landing page, a certain amount is deducted. The cost of each click is pre-decided between the two parties, and the higher the authority of the website, the higher the cost per click.

PPC Ads – The Five Important Components

The cost associated with these advertising can burn a hole in your pocket, especially if you do not get the desired outcome. Most businesses make the mistake of thinking that creating a beautiful ad is enough to grab the users’ attention. They could not be farther than the truth. Advertising campaigns which do not incorporate the five important components are worthless.

Here, are the five components, your ad should have.

Using Correct Headlines

No content is complete without a headline and subheadings. Why should the content you use for PPC advertising be any different? If you are promoting an education portal for MBA, the headline should clearly state – Get the Best MBA Preparation! This way in a few seconds you are letting the users know the business you are in.


Keep in mind –

The headline should ideally be placed in the top-middle of the ad. Try to put the Headline as high as possible. Do use subheads to add more depth.

Inserting Relevant Keywords

Your business would have a list of products or services, and you need to identify the keywords used to trigger a search. There are many tools you can use to help identify keywords to bring in the best results. For example, if you are a clothing retailer for women, then maybe your business would get the best results with Women Bodycon Dresses. Share your USPs clearly in the text and remember to use the keywords even in the text description.

Keep in mind –

A popular keyword will have a higher competition, and the cost per click or bidding on it will cost more. Hence, choosing keywords can be tricky, but if chosen correctly, they can bring in desired results.

Having Clear CTAs

CTAs are nothing but call to action buttons or tabs which prompt the user to take action. Though it is one of the basics, businesses sometimes do not give them importance. Suppose you are a digital marketing agency in Delhi, you will want people to come to you for a quote. Thus, placing a tab strategically stating Call for a Quote, will interest your user to reach out and start a conversation.

Keep in mind –

The CTA should stand out from the rest of the PPC content. Additionally, the ideal length is 3-4 words, but anything about six words can have a negative effect.

Adding the URLs

The purpose of creating a pay per click advertisement is to get your user to reach a destination – which could be a landing page or a website. However, within the ad, you can use a display URL which should not be more than 35 characters long and a destination URL, which the user can click to go to the desired page.


Keep in mind –

The destination URL you are using in your advertising should be working. Additionally, if it does not load in less than 5 seconds, you will lose potential customers to your competition.

Understanding Ad Customizers

The beauty of Google Advertising lies in the freedom of choices and easing the burden of creating multiple ads. For example, if you are offering discounts for a certain number of days, customise your daily ads to keep changing the countdown or the number of days left.

Keep in mind –

There are a lot of features you can use to enhance your ads but knowing how to use them is far more important than using them blindly.

In Conclusion

Creating a PPC advertising requires in-depth analysis and research, you do need to focus on the design aspects as well. Cluttered ads with too much information may lose you customers, as may using fonts which cannot be read. A lot of effort goes in planning the ad, but an equal amount of effort is required to understand how it is performing. Using A/B testers for your ads is essential so you can change the headings, texts, URLs, etc., to get more benefit from the same investment.

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