How is the Software Development Scenario 2020?

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Software development is continuously changing and rapidly growing day-by-day. More and more new technologies keep coming to enhance and increase the productivity of developers and the software development process. 

With new technologies and upgradations, software developers need to create new scenarios according to the latest technologies and trends. 

We are going to discuss such trends and technologies on which scenarios are dependent. The scenario entirely depends on technology getting used for the development process.

Software Development Scenarios in 2020


Here is a list of factors that are responsible for software development scenarios – 

1. Product Oriented Scenarios


A Product-oriented software development company has straightforward processes. We can say it is a never-ending process or a process with a long-scope. 

First, they check market trends what are customer’s pain points and what is required. Then they develop software that fulfils all the pain points of the customers. 

Once the development and testing stage finishes, they market it for selling. Marketing brings customers, which ultimately brings revenue through a product. 

The last stage of this scenario is to maintain and add further required features to the software. 

2. Project Oriented Scenarios

The Project Oriented approach starts and ends with the project. We can say it’s a process with a short scope. Projects are generally a limited timework that limits the scope of the software development company.

Scenarios have to be changed according to the scope of the project. 

3. Technology Oriented Scenarios

Software development scenarios vary according to the trend and technology in the market. Here is a list of trending technologies of 2020 – 

a. Python

Python is one of the most trending technologies for web development in 2020. Primarily because of the popular frameworks like Django, Web2Py, and Flask, which are all python-based frameworks, python has easily grabbed the attention of web developers. 

Apart from web development, python is also used for automating server administration jobs and writing scripts. 

One of the key features behind the success of python is that it is lightweight and versatile. These features change the scenario of software development and server administration entirely. 

b. JavaScript

JavaScript is reigning the web development industry since ages though many people are suggesting the demise of JavaScript. 

Recently there has been some significant development in the language. JavaScript-based libraries like VueJS, ReactJs, ExpressJS, and NodeJS have entirely changed its future and cemented its position as one of the most definite contenders in the game. 

These technologies not only enabled the development of light-weighted front-end of software and web but also powered the real-time applications and server technologies. The best thing is apart from the front-end or client-side, JavaScript can now be used on server-end in the form of NodeJS. 

c. DevSecOps

DevSecOps stands for Development + Security + Operations. So far, developers have been followed DevOps, which means development with operations. However, not a very significant factor for any software development process has been added to the current development cycle, i.e., Security. 

According to DevSecOps, Security is considered a part of the software development life cycle (SDLC) from start to end. 

Earlier, Security was the last stage of the SDLC, but now each team involved in the development is responsible for Security. It enhances not only productivity but also the quality and reduces the margin of error.

 4. Internet of Things (IoT) 

Though the Internet of Things has been around for a while, it’s growing with a rapid rate. 

Today if you will look carefully around, you might find around five devices around you that are connected to the internet. It includes mobile devices, speakers, laptops, TV, etc. What do you think will happen in the next 15 years? 

We really do not know which internet-connected devices and gadgets we will see next and in which form, shape, and number. 

Also, it has brought a revolution in fields such as healthcare, home appliances, etc. 

5. Blockchain

Who doesn’t know about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Blockchain is the origin or cryptocurrencies and created a completely new way of Security. 

Apart from the cryptocurrency market, blockchain is getting used in the banking and finance sectors, publishing and media industries, and healthcare software services. 

It is considered to be one of the most secure technologies so far. However, blockchain is something new in the industry and will definitely extend its reach to other sectors as well. 

6. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence enhances productivity, task improvement, and simplicity in businesses which is why it has already covered fields like banking, education, healthcare, etc. 

Final Words

Scenarios will vary with the changes in software development technologies. Full-stack developers may use a different scenario and technology for a front-end task when compared to a native front-end developer. 

Each aspect (whether its technology, trend or anything else) is essential, and the use of scenario depends on the software development company.

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