3 Characteristics of Those Completing International Employment Background Screenings

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When you’re considering hiring someone that has lived, worked, or studied overseas, you’ll need to complete an international background check. This will allow you to verify the information that they’ve provided, such as previous employment, experience, and criminal records. There are certain characteristics that will make this process easier. It’s why most companies will hire someone experienced at this process. Here are some of the characteristics that makes an international employment background screening easier.


Many American companies communicate entirely in English. Even if you have someone that can speak other languages, they might not speak the language of the country that you need to contact. When contacting the country where the candidate lived, worked, or studied, you might have to speak the native language as they might not speak English. This could create misunderstandings and could cause the verification process to take much longer than it otherwise would.

Knowledge of International Law

Every country has its own laws regarding the privacy of its citizens and those that have lived there. While some countries have similar laws to the United States, countries vary in how strict they are about providing information. You could end up running into a situation where a former employer or school refuses to provide information when they’re legally obligated to. The only way to know whether they’re obligated to provide this information is by understanding the privacy laws in that country. This is something you probably don’t know but firms that regularly verify international employment information do.


Similar to how countries differ when it comes to privacy laws, countries also differ as to the information they have on citizens or that they provide to them. For example, in some countries, employers provide documentation to employees once they leave the business. This verification document can be provided to future employers as an easy way to prove they worked for that employer and held that position. When completing a background check, you’ll need to know if a candidate will have this document as you can ask for it. In order to do that, you’ll need to know whether that specific country provides this documentation to its employees.

When you hire for an open position, you might consider someone that has lived, worked, or studied in another country. This means that you’ll need to contact that country for verification of certain facts. These are three characteristics that are needed in order to complete a thorough international employment background screening.