Movies to Watch When in a Bad Mood

Bad Mood

Let’s admit it, we all have those days when we don’t feel like getting out of bed and everything in our surroundings feels hopelessly sad.

Well, the good news is that we always have some exciting movies to bring us out of such bad times. So, if you ever feel like you need to uplift your mood, the movies mentioned below can be of great help. These movies are not only uplifting but they also teach you great lessons about life and also entertain you at the same time. So, read along and say goodbye to the melancholy. 

Pursuit of Happyness

Pursuit of Happyness is a drama film that revolves around Chris Gardner, a single father who has a difficult life, and things get worse for him and his son after being evicted from their residence. Chris and his young son are left homeless, and after struggling to find work he ultimately secures a position as an intern at a famous brokerage business, but the work is unpaid. Chris refuses to give up hope as he works to provide a better life for himself and his son, despite the fact that they must live in shelters and face numerous challenges.

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is a comedy romance film that revolves around Elle Woods, who is a woman with everything. She aspires to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III beyond all else. However, Warner refuses to be with her since she is too blond. Elle leaves her career in beauty behind, and enrolls at Harvard, desperate to win her boyfriend back. Well, if you are a blonde-haired feminist and uncalled opinions ruin your mood, this film will definitely change your perception of life. 

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Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a drama romance film that revolves around the life and adventures of the slow-witted Forrest Gump who has never considered himself to be disadvantaged. He lives a life that is anything but confined – all thanks to his supporting mother. 

Forrest inspires people with his childish optimism, whether he’s dominating the gridiron as a collegiate football player, fighting in Vietnam, or captaining a shrimp boat. However, Jenny, his childhood sweetheart is the one person Forrest loves the most, who may be the most difficult to save. 

Mama Mia 

Mamma Mia is a musical comedy film that revolves around Donna an independent hotelier in the Greek islands, and her daughter Sophie. Donna takes the help of two old friends to plan her daughter’s wedding. Meanwhile, Sophie, the vivacious bride, has devised a strategy. She invites three men from her mother’s past to her wedding in the hopes of meeting her biological father and having him lead her down the aisle.

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is a drama romance film that revolves around Will Hunting, a genius with a genius IQ who chooses to work as an MIT janitor. When he solves a challenging graduate-level math problem, Professor Gerald Lambeau notices his abilities and decides to help the misguided adolescent attain his full potential. When Will gets jailed for assaulting a police officer, Professor Lambeau strikes a deal with him to get him treated by therapist Sean Maguire in exchange for leniency.

Jerry Maguire 

Jerry Maguire is a romance sports film that revolves around the suave sports agent Jerry Maguire. When Jerry Maguire experiences a moral crisis, he writes a sincere company-wide memo, which gets him fired right away. Jerry launches his own management agency out of desperation to keep the sportsmen he represents, with only single mother Dorothy Boyd joining him. 

Jerry and Dorothy fall in love as they fight to make their firm work, relying on their lone client, football player Rod Tidwell.


Clueless is a romantic comedy that revolves around Cher, who is a shallow, wealthy, and socially successful girl, at the top of her Beverly Hills high school’s pecking order. Seeing herself as a matchmaker, Cher persuades two schoolteachers to date each other. Encouraged by her accomplishment, she decides to give Tai, a hopelessly basic new girl, a makeover. Cher finds that her disapproving ex-stepbrother Josh was right about how misguided she was when Tai becomes more popular than she is. Amidst all the drama, Cher falls for Josh.

Easy A

Easy A is a comedy romance film revolving around Olive who is a clean-cut girl, prodded by her popular best friend to disclose details of her boring weekend. She decides to spice things up by telling a tiny white lie about losing her virginity. Olive becomes famous for the wrong reasons when a high-school gossip queen overhears the conversation and broadcasts it around campus.

La La Land

La La Land is a musical romance movie that revolves around Sebastian and Mia. The two are brought together by their desire to pursue their passions. However, as their success grows, they are faced with decisions that begin to shred the delicate fabric of their relationship, and the dreams they worked so hard to keep in each other threaten to tear them apart.

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is a drama-comedy film that discusses The Hoover family, which includes a man, his wife, an uncle, a brother, and a grandfather. The family puts the fun back into dysfunctional by cramming into a VW bus and driving to California to support a daughter in her bid to win the Little Miss Sunshine Contest. As they travel along their interstate route, the group’s peculiarities bring up tremendous complications, putting everyone’s sanity to the test.

When Harry Met Sally…

When Harry Met Sally… is another romantic comedy that revolves around the college graduates Harry Burns, and Sally Albright. 

In 1977, the two take a tense car ride from Chicago to New York, during which they debate whether men and women can ever truly be platonic friends. After ten years apart, Harry and Sally reunite at a bookstore, where they try to stay friends without sex becoming an issue with the help of their respective best friends, Jess and Marie.

Final Word

Well, the movies discussed above are a few movies that will uplift your mood when you’re feeling low and will teach you the importance of life. 

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