4 Reasons Every Physician Needs Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Service

Nowadays, answering service seems to be an essential tool for health care providers. With this technology, it has become easier to monitor patients and administer all the tedious work.

From booking appointments to answering patient’s queries, the live operators keep an eye on the emergency tasks. By hiring an outsourced service, you can provide personalized help to patients with reliable after-hours communication. 

Let’s put some light on the important reasons that make it necessary to hire medical answering service-

Provide Your Patients With 24/7 Live Answer Availability
Being a solo practitioner, you might feel inundated by frequent phone calls. Though some patients try to call your clinic during office hours, others may require you to respond to their calls at any point of time. If you are a part of such busy medical facilities, answering service can better organize your phone system.

Medical answering services connect your patients, clients, or colleagues to the best virtual medical receptionists. Every minute you save from handling calls can be used more productively, increasing your profitability. It allows you to give attention to the patients whenever they need. Regardless of the size of the clinic, hiring virtual receptionist benefits you by providing around-the-clock call center solution.

Take Appointments Any Time
It is essential to keep the appointment calendar full in order to maintain productivity. Though the staff can work during the office timings, what about the other hours when the clinic is closed? 

Doctors’ answering services can handle after-hours appointments. With secure online access to the scheduling program, they can fix, change, or cancel meetings. 

Further, by tapping the ability of virtual receptionist, you can reduce missed appointments. They send reminders on your behalf to each scheduled patient in three different ways:

Phone Call
It is a personal, highly effective way to remind a patient about his/her appointment. If there is a conflict, they also assist patients with rescheduling the consultation.

Email Message

By sending an email, you don’t need to rely on real-time communication. The mail will stay in their inbox until they check it.
Text Message
Since very few people ignore text messages, it is the best and most convenient method to remind the patients. 

You can pick any of these answering service options to remind and confirm your patients’ commitment to showing up.

Ease The Strain Of Call Volume Along With Saving Money
Though you can hire additional staff to get your work done, it is a costly expense. Instead, hire highly-trained virtual medical receptionists and save money. Here are some of the reasons that make it a cost-saving option:

Reduction In Employee Costs
Fewer are the employees; lesser is the money spent on training, insurance, salaries, leaves, and other expenses.

After-Hour Phone Calls
Though the virtual answering service provides 24×7 service, you only pay for the time spent taking or making calls. 

Sole Point Of Contact 
Instead of hiring receptionists to handle calls at different locations, answering service serves as a single point of contact to carry your practice. 

Decrease Liability With HIPPA Compliance
The acronym HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that is often used in the health care sector. Signed into law in 1996, the act requires protecting the patient’s data and medical information. In your health center violates any of the HIPPA’s requirements, you might be held responsible for the breach of privacy. 

You can avoid such violations by hiring a HIPPA-compliant medical answering service that will safeguard your patients’ records. It will reduce any future potential liability and help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Medical answering service is a smart way to provide your patients with benefits, they will appreciate. Not only this, but live operators also benefit by saving your time, money, and energy. In short, they are critical components of the future success of your clinical practice. 

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