5 Reasons Why Nursing Is A Great Career Choice

How to Make the Best Career Choice

Nursing is a growing, exciting, and rewarding field with so many benefits that may seem lucrative to anyone. However, choosing a degree that would occupy three precious years of your life needs a careful decision. 

If you are toying with the idea of being a nurse but not confident about choice, don’t worry! We have created a list of five important reasons that help you understand how nursing is a great career path:

You Can Choose Your Own Specialization

The most significant benefit of choosing a nursing career is that you are free to select a specialization. You can choose your career as an educator in the nursing schools and continue the same. Moreover, you are open to going for endless opportunities in hospitals and outside as well. 

As a nursing student, you get to observe different clinical practices which help to explore diverse professions available upon graduation. You can specialize in post-surgical care for cardio or stroke patients, emergency nursing, pediatric endocrinology, neonatal nursing, etc. Besides these, you can opt for jobs such as:

  • Travel Nurse
  • Forensic Nurse
  • Corporate Nurse
  • School Nurse
  • Informatics Nurse Specialist
  • Anesthetist

Highly Skilled Nurses Are In Great Demand

With the increasing need for qualified nurses and caregivers, nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations. Also, career opportunities are going to expand in the next few years. The US Bureau Of Labor Logistics states that the employment of registered nurses or RN is subjected to grow at a faster rate up to 2026. However, competition for jobs suggests that pursuing a BSN degree after RN would help you to get better job prospects. 

Nursing Is A Noble Profession
Nurses are primarily concerned with providing aid to those who can’t fend for themselves. They often work for long hours under grueling conditions to provide care for their patients. The ability of a nurse to handle the emotional aspects of ill patients and to act selflessly demonstrates nobility of the profession. 

Moreover, this career brings a great deal of personal fulfillment. Many times, patients interact more with a nurse than a doctor. If you want personal satisfaction by helping others, Nursing is an obvious next step in your career.

Nursing Career Provides Job Security
There is no denying the fact that nurses will always be a necessary part of any healthcare system. Besides healthcare, nurses also provide care to people in almost every aspect of the industry. Even in times of poor economic outlooks, they can easily find a job. 

Since nurses are needed to look after the patients, hospitals would be unable to function without them. Therefore, choosing a nursing career provides you with a chance to always have your skills in demand. 

You Get Excellent Wages And Benefits
In the past, nursing was seen as a low-paying profession for the nature of the work performed. However, with the advancement in the medical field, nurses now make a competitive wage for their expertise and knowledge. They are also paid an additional amount for having been certified in a specialization related to their job. 

Further, they are also able to claim excellent benefits from their employers, with a minimum of health and dental coverage. Therefore, the nursing profession would provide you with security and incentive for performing the job with the best of your abilities.

We hope these would drive you towards nursing as a profession. It is a truly rewarding career, but not without hard work, grit, commitment, and determination. To become the best in your work field, you can’t stop searching for ways to improve yourself. However, if you love this field, the sky’s the limit for your career!

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