5 Reasons Make Material Handling Important In A Work Facility

Material Handling Efficiency 1

In between the process of using raw materials and converting them into a finished product, it undergoes so many stages to come up as the packed products finally. For this reason, material handling is a crucial part of the manufacturing process.

The materials are turned and positioned on the dedicated machines to produce the necessary output, then inspected and transferred for final conversion operation. Materials handling involves art and technology to move, pack, and store the materials in different forms. 

Moreover, the process involves movements of goods, either by automated handling or manually in batches or one product at a time within the plant. The method may include vertical and horizontal movements or both. 

Almost every goods and material are transported on forklifts or conveyor or other kinds of material handling equipment in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and retail stores. The operators use these types of equipment to transport goods in various industrial settings, including moving building materials around construction sites or moving warehouse goods onto ships.

The primary objective of material handling is to lower production cost. Further objectives can be sub-divided into specific goals, such as:

Reduces Product Loss

The incorrect movement and handling materials can not only lead to severe damage and product loss, but also cause severe injuries to workers. This, in turn, can add up in your production costs. 

Practicing proper handling techniques help reduce product damage to materials and equipment, which is beneficial for your company’s bottom line. 

Using Equipment Correctly= Fewer Accidents!

When you use the right equipment and machinery for material handling, and other tasks in your facility, the chances of workers getting injured is remarkably reduced. 

Material handling itself accounted for 32% of injuries along with other hazards like slips, falls, trips, struck by or collision.  Therefore, having the appropriate equipment to lift, move, and place the materials in a warehouse will help lower employee stress and efforts. 

But before you operate the equipment, it is crucial to go through the forklift test to ensure your capability of handling job challenges safely and soundly. It will teach you how to operate a lift correctly, inspect the machine, assess work environment, recognize and avoid life-threatening situations. 

Less Time Consuming

Using the proper material handling devices and tools can help to organize the products and materials in an appropriate manner so that there will be fewer misplaced products. As a result, it will be less time consuming to retrieve items from a warehouse, which in turn improves efficiency.

Makes Customer Service Better

Handling materials properly in a warehouse will make the overall workspace more organized. As a result, it will be much more efficient for the workers to find products, which in turn cut down the service time. Hence this will provide the best customer experience by delivering products in a dedicated time.

Improves Your Workplace Layouts

When you invest in the right storage of goods and materials, you ensure the physical characteristics of your warehouse and look for maximized space to avoid slip and trip hazards. Having the correct transportation and storage systems will give you a more expanded space and better workflow for employees. 


The fundamental goal of material handling is to use the most appropriate equipment which is safe and can fulfill specific requirements in the industrial setting at the minimum overall cost!

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