Top 5 Movies on Netflix That Every Feminist Should Watch

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If you ask anyone about a TV show that feminists would love, we all know Jessica Jones is the one. Brand new episodes for its season 2 just got released on March 8, and the feminists can’t have enough of it. But that is just one show. What if you were looking for movies you can binge watch to soothe the feminist in you?

There are tons of movies out there on Netflix that aim to contribute their bit in helping out the feminists around the world in understanding the problems faced by women, and what they are doing to deal with the issues that limit them from attaining the long-dreamed gender equality.

The movies described below contain partial nudity, profanity and graphic content. Some of which may be termed as offensive by the patriarchs. But hey, ain’t that what feminism is all about? Standing up to the dual standards of the patriarchs and fighting for equality? This list will sure give you a head-start! Let’s dive right in to the list!

1. Moana

A 3D animated musical fantasy, Moana is based on stories from the Polynesian mythology. The little girl, Moana sets off on a journey across the Pacific Ocean, almost all be herself. The island where she lives is facing a spell where the fisherman can’t catch any fish, and the farmers can’t grow any crops, all because of one reason. A demigod, named Maui has stolen the heart of a goddess, which has caused the dark spell.

Moana must sail across the ocean and bring back to her island the heart of goddess. Only then can the island and its people be happy, and prosper. If there are any myths out there that girls aren’t as strong as boys, this movie is bound to put an end to all of it.

2. Breastmilk

Nursing children in public, or nursing them at all is a controversial topic. There are many different but popular opinions about mothers who breastfeed their children. Some believe that it must be done, while others relate it with child abuse, claiming that expressing breast milk and having an orgasm produce the same hormones (and feeling) in women.

Overcoming the social stigma that revolves around breastfeeding, this movie is an attempt to eliminate the taboo and promote a wide-spread acceptance for mothers who like to breastfeed their children beyond the first six months.

3. Free The Nipple

Based on a true story, Free The Nipple is a story of a mass movement initiated by women of New York to decriminalize the women’s body and regain their sexuality. With support from First Amendment advocates, nation-wide publicity stunts, and obscene graffiti around the city, thousands of topless women take to the streets and protest against the backward censorship laws in the US that censor any sight of topless women.

Free The Nipple rises some very important questions, such as why is it a national disgrace if an athlete’s wardrobe malfunctions and flashes, but its ok to have violent video games that show gore? With, the journalist who narrates the film, is seen desperate to come up with a story that could create an impact. However, in the process, she loses her job and becomes a part of the movement.

4. She’s Beautiful When She Is Angry

Released in 2014, this movie shows the women in the mid-20th century who stood up for the rights of women, demanding that they be considered at treated as equal human beings. These women were also the pioneers of the first wave of feminist movement.

Although the narration describes women who have left us long ago, their struggle coincidentally resonates and reflects along the problems that women around the world face today. Despite the fact that we are now fighting for what most people call as the third wave of feminism, this movie puts an end to the growing debate and brings us back to the primary realization that women around the world are still oppressed.

5. Breadwinner

Yet another 3D animated movie, produced by Angelina Jolie, which was also nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 90th Academy Awards. The story is about a young girl, Parvana, who lives in a Taliban-controlled area. After a young member of Taliban dies, her father gets falsely accused and arrested.

Living in a male dominant society, Parvana is forced to alter her appearance and disguise as a boy, so that she can provide for her family. Her friend, Shauzia has problems of her own, an abusive father. Together, the little girls would need to defy the norms of the society they live in and do the impossible! And boy do they succeed at at!

All the movies mentioned in my list may not be accessible from everywhere. If you are facing geo-restrictions, it is strongly recommended that you should use a VPN to watch Netflix in just a few minutes. We hope you would love these movies. Do you think we missed out an important one that should have been a part of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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