How to Select & Create Unique Cover Photos for Facebook

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Facebook upgrades its look now and then! Remember how it used to look in the initial days. From TheFacebook’s simple profile with a display picture now it’s the Timeline, Featured pictures, COVER PHOTO and much more. A cover picture is the biggest photo on your timeline! It remains on top of your profile. It is a feature which is visible to EVERYONE. Yes, it plays a great part in making an impression over onlookers. I have seen many cover photos marring the look of FB profiles. No one wants to see a close-up a selfie on your cover. Come on you have a profile picture for this! I have been many are struck with Bollywood celebs, low-quality random irrelevant photos. Come one, everything that you put on Facebook that communicates with the world! For your bad choices, you might become a laughing stock. It’s true, these days we are often judged by the online appearance. Then why do you want to mess it up. This article includes many useful tips that make sure you never go wrong with you cover photo again! Remember when people arrive at your Facebook Page, the thing they notice first is the cover. Metaphorically it crowns your Timeline.

A picture says a thousand words. Now think to put a wrong one which can communicate a thousand wrong words! That’s bad right. This might have happened to you again but thou art will never do wrong again! Read on to know the amazing ideas for FB covers that can make your Facebook profile look amazing.

One common thing that I come across on FB that people are putting their selfies as the cover picture. It aesthetically does not look nice and sends a message conveying that “you are an extreme narcissist” It’s not a fault to love yourself but extremity does invite other’s mockery and sarcasm! No, I am not telling you to do everything that people want you to do. You have your unique personality and style and I see no way where one should give it up! But there is always a room for improvement right?

If you want to put your photo as your FB cover then I think those pictures which are taken from a distance look amazing. All you need is a nice background and pretty pose. You even can compile your favorite photos make a collage. But REMEMBER, you must know the balance! Too many photos and same poses can make it look uninteresting and boring!

You even can give your photos with your friends, family or your pet! Get around the beautiful people you love, capture the moment in your camera and make it your FB cover. Psychologists say giving an only solo picture on social media sends the message of you being extremely self-centered! But when your photo collection has variety- it ranges from your selfie to fun time with your friends, from your solo cute photos to warm moments with your family make it interesting to watch. Who wants to be monotonous right?

If you like to travel a lot, then give photos that how you and the atmosphere! Keep on experimenting. It shows your personality of an explorer

For perfection of your photos, you can always go for editing! Editing your photos can dramatically improve their visual quality, turning an ordinary photo into an amazing one!

The power of words

You can put your favorite quotation as your FB cover. My favorite is the collection of Rumi’s quote! You even can use your own words by using a photo editor.

A for Art!

If you are a lover of various pieces of art and abstract photos then why not turning them into your cover photo?

Oh, it’s so funny!

Give your friends and viewers the dose of wit and laughter!

Movie stills

Because you love your favorite films!

Their many sites that have a large collection of FB cover photos. They come with perfect size and resolution! YOU can do a trick that will make your FB profile look different! For your profile picture, you can upload a photo of quotation or things you love! And for your cover, you can go for a great picture of yours. It will make your profile look stand out!

All the PDA

Use your cover to show your affection towards your significant other! And why do you have to stop there? You can use your covers for Valentine’s Day, mother’s day or any day that matters to you!

Make your own FB covers! (DIY)

Yes, you can have a FB cover that no one has! Use an app that creates a collage. You can combine pictures you love and you think can look good together. Then you can use it for your cover photo.

If you are into painting then you can take photos of them to make a cover photo. In this way, the world can even see your art!

And there is no limit for being creative! There many apps which are available for Facebook cover!

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Our brains scan studies reveal that the sight of an attractive instinctively make it responded.  We reach out for attractive things; beauty literally moves us. So here is to make another little thing of your life more beautiful and interesting that is your FB cover!  So try these tricks and tips and let us know if you find them useful!

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